Organic Social Media Handling

Be active socially, always.

In this age of smart phones, there is almost a world-wide audience right at your finger tips. Be it Write Ups on Facebook, Posters on Instagram, Experiences on LinkedIn and opinions on Twitter - Everyone finds someone who listens. But is your business providing them with content that they would want to read? Or rather, is your business really active on social media? Only you can answer that question honestly. And if you say negative, then why so? Probably you are busy in the actual business rather than such effort and time staking task. And that is absolutely fair. That is why ScrapeNext provides the service of handling Social Media Handles of clients who want to show their presence but they themselves don't have enough time and resources to compile quality content and publish what audiences prefer


Often we are caught up in the web of achieving more followers on our accounts. That is essential. But we tend over emphasize on it. New followers may mean new potential clients, but at the same time, one must ensure retention as well as conversion of the followers to clients. Creating a healthy brand image in the sub conscious of the viewer is beneficial as it boosts a positive trigger for the business. Also, timely promotion can help to fit a product in viewer's mind, which could either convert a client or publicize your product/brand to other potential clients.

ScrapeNext provides social media handling with the following bucket of features. You pay for what frequency you select for each service:

01. Promotional Images

We design images that promote your business or products and upload them to your handles. The images can either be a list or a creative display of the products or services.

02. Vectors & Mascot Design

Represent your product's or services' details in an informative and interesting way. We build a thread or a series and try to educate the viewers about the advantages of your products.

03. Milestone & Event Images

From Establishment Anniversaries to Cultural events, we have got you covered. Pre-event promotional images and post-celebration collages, we have your followers involved in activities.

04. News & Educational Posts

Recent activities in your field are compiled and released at a pre-decided frequency to keep your followers up to date. This acts as a positive step as the viewer observes the page to be informative without selling a product.

05. Comic Strips and Humor Posts

Few businesses like to keep the environment relaxed once in a while and therefore, we research and publish light hearted humor in the field of the business.

06. Motivational Quotes

Who doesn't love an inspirational message in the morning? It is a good way to keep your accounts active and remind people of your presence.

07. National and International Day's Celebration

Festivities and Cause based Days are celebrated globally, and they form a great way to connect with your audience as they get to share the images in their personal groups. Good will and Good publicity.

08. Infographics

Sometimes images may not be enough to convey an entire message. Infographics are a great way to do so. They grip the audiences with characters, flow charts or even a series with a mascot.

09. Blogs

As a part of Search Engine Optimization technique, we create content and publish blogs related to your business and keep the viewers engaged. Blogs tend to attract audiences that are genuinely interested in your business.


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