OABCs of Search Engine Optimization

What is the scope of Digital Marketing?

If you want to market your business through internet, what can you do? The title of the blog can be put up in a different way. What are the arenas in which a digital marketer can plan and execute strategies?If you want to increase your sales, you would want toredirect more people on your website. If you want to engage with your audiences, you may interact throughsocial media. Let us dive into the scope of digital marketing:

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1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the most associated word with Digital Marketing. It is the process of increasing the number of visitors on your website. And not just visitors, rather customers who would purchaseyour productor enrolltothe service that you provide. Search engines like Google or Bing have their crawlers crawl throughwebsitesand based on an algorithm, the search results are shown to a query. Does it simply depend on keywords? No. It depends on a lot of thingswhich are in website developer and digital marketers hands –load speed, trafficdata, social metrics, etc. For a digital marketer, it is of utmost importance to have the basics of SEO clear.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Organic traffic might take longer than you imagine to reach your website. It is a slow, durable and cost effective method. But what if you have a sale in 2 months, and wish a steep increase in traffic on your website? Search Engine Marketingprovides that increase in quality customers through keyword management. You need to select the keyword optimum for your business and pay the search engine a “deposit”based on the value of the keyword and the expected traffic. The pricing is usually “pay per click”, and the amount is deducted from the deposit. SEM has three advantages –1.Quick Results, 2. Quality Traffic and 3. Cost Efficiency

3. Social Media Marketing

We are pretty acquaintedto sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram.Even you can do so for your business. Social media allows digital marketers to analyse and show the advertisement to people of certain demography, location and interests. This allows quality traffic being redirected to a landing page. Social media marketing is a vast ocean of opportunities for emerging businesses. It allows low cost marketing to targeted audiences. Remember, social media is a place for relaxing, apparently, and your advertisements should be such. It is an unofficial platform and our approach should be planned keeping that in mind.

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Ever seen “Subscribe to our Newsletter”or “Agree to receive information on our products”on websites while filling out forms? Well,if you agree to that, you will receiveplentyof emails from them regarding their products, services, festive wishes, feature magazinesand much more.Apart from such senders, there are many who mail you with offers and try to convince you to purchase their products. All of this comes under e-mail marketing. It carries a huge scope for business development. We will throw light on it on another blog.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is basically writing, or visually uploading images or videos of content related to your product or services, which may not directly promote, but creates interest in a potential customer and hence, directing towards a probable increase in sales. Moreover, content marketing is a cost effective way to get quality traffic on your website. We are thrown at a lot of information which is not always relevant, and we rightfully dismiss it. The content has to be relevant and impactful. Content marketing indirectly helps in Search engine optimization, PR, social media marketing, e-mail marketingand much more.

6. Displaying Ads

Displaying advertisementwasthe simplest way to market digitally. You pay and your advertisement was shownon particular websitesfor a pre-determined duration. But now, there are ways to target such display advertisements too. You must have been surprised to see an advertisement of a cream that you were earlier looking for on Amazon. That’s retargeting. It is a smart way of displaying visual ads.

7. Tie Ups

Also known as affiliate marketing, it is the strategy of associating with individuals or agencies that promote your product and they earn commission for every product of yours they sell. Affiliates refer products on social media platforms, blogs or websites, and any redirection from that source would earn the affiliate a commission. In this way, an affiliate can earn without having to build a product, while businesses can use the reach of such affiliates to sell their products. It is a win win situationfor both parties.