ABCs of Search Engine Marketing

ABCs of Search Engine Marketing

There can be a few reasons why would one opt Search Engine Marketing. First one is being impatient. Search Engine Optimization takes a lot of time to work. It may take from a few weeks to a few months. Everyone cannot wait that long. May be it is a product launch that cannot be delayed. Maybe the competition is too stiff to climb your way up in a definite period.Reason being any, search engine marketing is a boon if used correctly.

Whenever you search anything on Google or Bing, the first few (maximum of 4) results are almost always sponsored. Meaning, they have been placed there due to the advertisement schemes of the search engines. Let us see how Search Engine Marketing works!

Let us take the example of Men's Tshirt search. For example, Google's keyword planner shows Men's Tshirt searched 5000 times on an average every month. The Bid price is INR 500. For Men's Hoodies search, the average search is 3000 on an average per month. While it's bid is INR 400. And so on. So you need to select a group of keywords that are relevant to your product or your service by analysing Keyword Planner results.

So, for a budget of INR 50,000, your ad can be clicked by 100 users, or you can have 100 viewers to your website with the keyword "Men's Tshirt". While you can have 100 viewers for Men's Hoodies for INR 40,000 budget. A combination of such words and targeted viewers can either help you know your budget, or a fixed budget can help you judge the keywords and expected audience.

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Your ad-rank is dependent on 2 things:

1. CPC Bid (Cost Per Click)

2. Quality Score

Cost Per Click is a pretty simple concept. Mr. Anuj searches for "web hosting in India". He sees 4 ads on top. He has to choose. Whichever ad he clicks on, the CPC amount is deducted from the owner of the website. It is like a fee to get your customer to your door or the landing page of your website. Whether he buys a service or not isn't related to the CPC. Someone clicks, you are charged.

Quality Score is primarily dependent on 3 things:

1. Ad Keyword

2. Ad Relevance

3. Ad Landing Page

Keyword as we know it, is the search by users. More the keywords, the higher the cost for you. So it is important to choose the right keywords that a user searches and it shows up in your advertisement. Your ads should be relevant to the keywords that you bid for. Say you bid for 'Women's Watches Online', your advertisement and landing page should contain relevant words. It should match!

A landing page is a page where a user is redirected to once he clicks on your ad. If you ad says "50% off on Women's Watches", but your landing page is on your home page, the user would have to find his way to the products that have a 50% discount. If it is painstaking, he would feel cheated and leave. Not something that you want. So your landing page should direct to a list of watches that have 50% off discount running. Search engines give a quality score everytime. And it affects your budget. Here's how:

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Apart from these ads, Google also provides video advertisement schemes on YouTube as well as advertisement slots on different websites. There are e-commerce ads as well as targeted advertisements. But we shall go in depth in blogs to follow! Till then, have a great time! Thanks!

p.s: Remember, Google is not the only search engine. Bing is quite popular and you might want to understand it's working too!