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At ScrapeNext Technologies, we build websites that suit your requirements, budget and timeframe.

dynamic website

Comes with an Easy To Use Admin Panel

We specialize in crafting dynamic websites equipped with robust admin panels. Our tailored solutions empower businesses to effortlessly manage and update their online presence, ensuring a seamless and efficient digital experience for both users and administrators.

Go Online with a Pocket-Friendly Solution.

Create cost-effective, static websites that are ideal for businesses seeking a strong digital presence without breaking the bank. Establish an online footprint, combining affordability with professionalism to help your business shine online.

static website

One Pager Website

Short on Content? Create comprehensive single-page websites!

Multi-Page Website

Showcase your products and services with detailed specifications.

E-Commerce Website

Sell your products online and reach beyond boundaries.

Enrollment Platform

Have users register for your business, organization or trust!

Blogging Website

Establish a strong digital presence with tonnes of content.

Personal Profile

Portfolios for photographers, make-up artists and more!


WordPress opens a plethora of possibilities

Building a website on WordPress offers the advantage of user-friendly content management, allowing even non-technical users to easily update and maintain their site. Additionally, the vast library of plugins and themes enables customization and scalability, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of online businesses and projects.

We help businesses digitize effectively

Be it building a website, or transitioning to a digital solution, ScrapeNext Technologies can help you with its one stop solution model.

ScrapeNext has been building digital solutions since 2018 and has happy customers in 4 continents. Initially, it offered a plethora of services, including mobile app development, digital marketing, and customized printing. In late 2019, we built a platform for 1NGO, an organization that helps NGOs build websites. And on our tech heavy platform, 1000+ NGOs have built their own websites. This led us to realize that our strength is Web Development, and that we use it to create an impact on businesses and organizations. Since then, we have built over a 100 websites for businesses in various industries including investment firms, travel and hospitality, food and beverages, transport, mental health and lifestyle, e-learning, health care, AI products, hostels and education, mechanical and production and more.

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